Need a Second Opinion?

Share your cancer story and let us help you customize your best treatment plan

Why rush to a decision when most prostate cancers are very slow growing?

Take your time, get all the information, and make the best decision for you and your family.  Here’s what we need to get you the answers you need.

Upload MRI Images

  • Go to our ImageShare Portal
  • Place the DVD in the tray
  • Click Choose File button
  • Navigate to DVD (Note: this may take several minutes to appear)
  • Click Upload button (Note: DO NOT select files for DICOM wrapping)
  • (Note: If you’re struggling, use these instructions)

Share Medical Records

  • Collect these reports and results
    • Most recent PSA levels
    • Pathology report of prostate biopsy
    • Recent clinic notes by Urologist or Primary Care Physician
    • Radiology report for the MRI
  • Upload here
  • (you will need to create a single *.pdf file) or fax 409-772-8219