Are you a Candidate?

Figure out if you’re eligible for Focal Laser Ablation and get your questions answered

Important note: At this time, most patients pay out-of-pocket for the Focal Laser Ablation treatment as very few insurance companies cover the cost of therapy.

Want a quick answer to the question – Is Focal Laser Ablation an option?

Wavelength Medical can provide you answers and give you options. Here’s what we need.

You will share:

  • MRI &/or Biopsy reports
  • Most recent PSA score
  • Most recent Gleason score

Wavelength Medical will:

  • Review results
  • Set up a 10 min phone call with the team
  • Discuss initial thoughts on candidacy

How much does it cost?: It’s free.

What are the characteristics of the best candidates?: Check out the answer to one of the most popular questions.

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