Prostate Cancer is diagnosed in 1 in 9 men

Early detection can save your life. When caught early, your chance of survival is better than 98%.

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Questions from Patients & Answers from Doctors

BPH and help

Those of you experiencing symptoms of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), we can help!! There are many new non-invasive procedures to help men experiencing symptoms of BPH including frequent urination. Especially at night preventing restful sleep Urgency–need to urinate as soon…

Focal laser ablation on Medscape! Medscape describes the benefits of focal laser ablation in low to intermediate risk prostate cancer in a new posting.


I had a very good experience at your facility!
I was treated by Dr. Walser and a wonderful group of professional care givers!

good experience

Dr. Walser and his team are just fabulous. Compassionate and thoroughly professional in all respects. All in all my FLA was a walk in the park. Went out for dinner tonight, flow is normal and no pain.

A Walk in the Park